Sushi Matsumoto

In the Gion area of Kyoto is an expert of edomae style sushi. He brings in fish from various sources, including some that can’t even be found in Tokyo. The rice gives a distinct sour flavor, mixed with from red vinegar, salt, and sake lees. New batches of warm rice are brought to the bar from the kitchen, several times during the meal. The resulting sushi falls apart very nicely in your mouth.

The sushi technique is a joy to watch. Every  movement done with precision and grace.

Flat fish

White fish





Smoked trout


Tiger shrimp, cooked first.

Pink fish


Anago, grilled and seasoned with sweet sauce.

Uni that has been lightly roasted. It melts into the rice as you eat it.


To finish, kampyo maki and tamago.

The sushi is timed well, so that even if several groups are at the bar, everyone is served their sushi at a consistent rate from the time they arrived. If one person from a group leaves, the chef waits until they come back to continue, as to consider the whole party as one. It can be difficult to notice, but he is keeping a close eye on you the entire time.

When you complete your meal, the chef makes his way to the entrance. As you exit, he is already waiting too see you off. You already feel as if you want to return some day.


570-123, Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0074
TEL: 075-531-2031

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