Arashiyama Kitcho

Arashiyama Kitcho is considered to be one of the finest Japanese restaurants in the world. It is a luxurious kaiseki meal, served with rare antique tableware, some of which are several generations old. It relies on seasonal ingredients from Japan, all of which are meticulously sourced and prepared to the highest level of quality imaginable. Everything from the food to the journey to get there is a memorable life experience.

Arashiyama is a place of stunning beauty.

The entrance is found in a quiet neighborhood, by a river.

Guests take off their shoes before entering the restaurant.

You eat in your own private tatami room, with a lacquer table and comfortable floor seats.

The room has its own garden.

You can step out onto the porch if you wish.

As you are seated, kelp tea with plum is served to you, as well as Junmai Daijingo sake.

Your tableware is brought with the first course, a vegetable salad with grilled octopus.

Hamo eel is served next, in a flavorful broth with a touch of yuzu.

White fish sashimi with two sauces, one is citrus based, the other uses the fish innards.

Bluefin O-toro sashimi and grilled lobster.

Ayu, a specialty of summer, is grilled whole and served with a green leaf sauce.

Broiled trout, with shiitake, tempura vegetables, and sudachi citrus.

Red bean rice and sesame.

The Hassun course, an assortment of seasonal dishes.

Uni served over warm root vegetables.

Abalone and stewed radish.

Simmered shrimp, sushi rolled in a leaf, fried fish, mountain potato.

The shrimp’s head is served with ginger.

A stew of nasu eggplant, pumpkin, and okra.

Kyoto raised beef, with a gelee style sauce.

As the meal progresses through the night, the garden scenery changes.

Lotus rice is served to you from a earthenware pot by your server.

It comes with tiny white fish, shiso, plum, and tsukemono.

Watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, white peach, and a Kyoho grape.

Green tea sorbet.

On a hot summer night, it is especially nice to enjoy this meal with the garden door open.

Arashiyama Kitcho Kyoto

58 Susukinobaba, Saga, Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
京都市右京区嵐山天竜寺芒ノ馬場町 58
Tel: 075 881 1101

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